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Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli
2004, 5 min.
(super 8mm transfer to video, color, sound)

Hannah Henry
2005, 3:30 min. (video, color, sound)




Program 25 March 31, 2007


Vincenzo Mistretta presents:
Space, place and spectacle

Space, Place and Spectacle is a screening of films and videos that explore the interaction between cinema and space. Cinema presents a space and place as a spectacle of time, movement and fragmentation. These films explore cinematic space from a variety of perspectives.  Anna Chiarertta Lavatelli uses the cinematic tool of editing and motion to bring to life a decaying past of an old industrial city.  Siew-wai Kok and Lourdes Corea-Carlo examine the self and the body in relations with their evironment.  Chris Ernst investigates memory within the markings of a cinematic map.  Carl Lee creates a segmentation of  space and light to present graphic images of a fire escape.  Hannah Henry portrays a graphic representation of nature as a lurking dangerous space. 

-Vincenzo Mistretta

Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli
2004, 5 min.
(super 8mm transfer to video, color, sound)

With a frenetic editing pace and fast moving 16mm images of the industrial past of the city of Buffalo Anna presents the lines, textures, and spaces of the city's abandoned industries in kinetic motion as if bringing back to life the hustle and energy that the city was in it's hay day. 

Siew-wai Kok
8:34 min., 2003
DUET is a sound meditation of integrity with a human voice and the sound of
water pipes running through a building. DUET explores the relationships of
self/other, self/space, and living forms/non-living forms in a shared space
and time.

Lourdes Corea-Carlo
Light Diagrams
3:10 min., 2006
A female figure lights up the way across an interior space to draw on thoughts, ideas and emotions of the body.  These actions serve as a metaphor on how our sensible intervention on reality creates the voids for living spaces.

Chris Ernst
3:00 min., 2005
Both a video essay and landscape film, Atlas maps environment response and relationships to liminal space found in specific locations. Not simply forming a spatio-temporal atlas, the work also acts to construct a spatial idiom: one drawn from a language where the emotional/environmental information is the referent, and the individual inhabiting a space is the interpreter.

Hannah Henry
2005, 3:30 min. (video, color, sound)

Trepidation is an experimental video/film depicting the gorgeous, lurking danger of nature.  The creatures of the film: raptors and reptiles; are messengers telling of loneliness, fear and escape. A subtle soundtrack contrasts with dramatic images broken into a quarter grid of lush and reds and stark black and white.

Carl lee
Fire Escape
4:00 min., 2005
The fire escape outside my window, the vinyl siding and the light passing through.
The space of a fire escape is documented through time-lapse photography capturing the passage of light  The various parts of that space and its light are individually identified and presented as a graphic musical score.

Siew-wai Kok
The Breath of Time
13:00 min., 2005
This is a musical video inspired by the lost industry in Buffalo, New York, specifically an abandoned grain elevator where some friends have started to
make impromptu music there. The structure and the unpretentious quality of the place have revealed the most intimate and spiritual sounds. This piece
is a meditation on time and survival.