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Excavation, 2004
video, color, sound

Demolition, 2004
video, color, sound

Driving, 2004
video, color, sound

The Kiss, 2004
video, color, sound

Earth Printer,
video, color, sound

Eating My Teeth, 2002-2004
video, color, sound

Gradiva Project, 2006
video, color, sound

Moon Walker 1, 2009
video, color, sound

Moon Walker 2, 2009
video, color, sound


In the recent series of videos people perfunctorily prod wet clay with their hands or repetitively chip away at concrete that covers parts of their clothed body or the surrounding space, such as an external suburban wall or the dashboard of a car, to humorously unsettling effect. Chipping away at a lump of concrete which buries the head could reflect a desire to brutally shed light onto a disturbed state of mind. The relationship between the two figures who blindly caress each others’ soft clay covered heads seems to embody a paradox of desire and repulsion.  

These visceral encounters depict a transgression of discrete bodily boundaries between individuals and their environment, creating an abject sense of formlessness, and an entropic return to the gunge of the earthly ground.  The protagonists seem passively trapped in an endless cycle, with the video loop perhaps referring to a Sisyphean notion of absurdity deriving from ongoing struggle as opposed to final conclusion. 

De Ateliers International Artists Studio Program, Amsterdam
BA Fine Art Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

Solo Exhibitions
Gradiva Project The Freud Museum and Camden Arts Centre, London (6 December 2007 - 28 January 2008)
William Cobbing Netwerk/ Center for Contemporary Art, Aalst, Belgium
Wall to Wall TENT, Rotterdam
William Cobbing The Pump Rooms Art Museum, Leamington Spa
William Cobbing PercyMiller Gallery, London
Escape chutes Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam
Eating my teeth Galerie Fons Welters-Playstation, Amsterdam
Mutations Stichting Archipel The Netherlands

Selected Group Exhibitions
Medicine Now Wellcome Trust, London
Galerie Valerie, Venice
Room with a View Gemeentmuseum, The Hague
Mandlehandered Tram Depot Gallery, London
Open Video Projects @ Blueroom, Rialtosantambrogio, Rome
Pixel Me RASA, Belgium
Overlap 2 British School at Rome
Let there be light BFAMI, Sotheby’s, London
Over de mensen en de dingen Z33, Hasselt, Belgium
Sunday Screenings MK-G Milton Keynes Gallery
The Library of Babel Courtauld Institute of Arts, London
A Secret History of Clay TATE Liverpool
Body-Con A-I-T Tokyo
The Book Show The Nunnery, London
Sidetrack PercyMiller Gallery, London
Prospects Drawing Prize, Old Truman Brewery, London
Early Works De Ateliers, Amsterdam
Haunted House Outline, Amsterdam
Hang up Galerie Fons Welters-Playstation, Amsterdam
Do not disturb Galerie 68 Elf, Cologne
Mostyn Open 11 Llandudno, Wales
Partie 8 Internationales Künstforum Drewen, Germany

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2005/6 Arts Council England Helen Chadwick Fellowship British School at Rome & The Ruskin
2003 BüroFriedrich Berlin Project Studio Fonds BKVB
2002/3 Prix De Rome Beeldhouwen [sculpture award 2nd stage] Rijksakademie, Amsterdam